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11 Everyday products that increase Cancer risk

A lot of things can increase the risk of cancer, on the other hand, some, according to scientists, are more harmful to health.

Here are the eleven major cancer risk factors:

1. Salted meat, fish, pickled products


In salted fish, a lot of nitrates and nitrites – these carcinogens can cause cancer. These chemicals cause damage to the DNA, which can lead to head and neck diseases.
For example, according to the UK Cancer Research Institute, the Chinese or their descendants living in Britain are more likely to suffer from cancer of the nasopharynx than other ethnic groups, because their diets are rich in salted meat and fish dishes. Drinking lots of pickled vegetables will increase the risk of stomach cancer.

Nutrition for Cancer Prevention – 15 effective crops and plants

One of the reasons why cancer is so widespread is our diet – we eat less of the products that we need for healthy metabolism. The fact that we no longer receive energy from real food can leave a deep mark for the upcoming generations. New research shows that cancer is caused by accumulated toxins in the body that interfere with the oxygen saturation of the body. Toxins damage our DNA, cause inflammation, balance the hormone balance, and cause cell mutations. Cancer prevention should include eliminating toxins and reducing their effects on the body.


We alleviate cancer prevention by eating a lot of antioxidant products by drinking plain filtered water, maintaining intestinal cleanliness and alleviating the body. It is necessary to reduce the daily dose of chemicals, as well as to limit the number of drugs, artificial substances, carcinogens, heavy metals, pesticides, and environmental toxins. Pollutants not only can cause cancer but also promote the epidemic of obesity. Spiritually, the disease is thought to indicate that there is an imbalance in our body that violates our emotional, psychological and spiritual basis. There is increasing evidence that cancer is not an inevitable consequence of aging, but a disease that we can prevent.

In this article, we will discuss 15 plants that prevent cancer and how to use them

More studies prove that medicinal plants or herbs help fight cancer, sometimes even combining natural treatment with formal medicine. Down is a list of plants that are most effective in cancer prevention, fighting bad cells.

12 products that should not be stored in the refrigerator

1. Tomatoes

In the refrigerator they lose both the smell and the taste, it becomes milky. It is best to keep tomatoes in the kitchen in a dry place.

10 Best foods that burn calories

To lose weight we usually choose low-calorie foods. But what can be better than food, which is not only healthy but also helps to burn unnecessary body fat?


It’s hard to believe, but papaya, chili pepper, and even black coffee can help fight overweight.

So, let’s get started.

14 Simple tests to Identify Vitamin Deficiency

How to identify vitamin deficiency? What vitamins do we lack? Why their natural sources are better than supplements and when it is worth consuming supplements.

Vitamins are needed to enable the cells of the body to function correctly: to participate in tissue production and energy production. Lack of vitamins can disrupt most of the body’s ongoing biochemical processes. According to what signs we can identify their deficiency and where we can find them without using supplements, we found the most information in the book “Living Eco (Logically)” (publishing house “Alma littera”).
By the way, not only vitamins but also minerals are essential to humans, but we will talk about them the next time.