A disease that affects half of all women – no one talks about

Wet wipes, flavored soaps or shower gel and synthetic lingerie can cause a disease that affects half of all women, but not everyone is trying to talk about it – vaginosis or BV. What causes, how to prevent, treatment


Bacterial vaginosis or BV (vaginal dysbacteriosis) is not a sexually transmitted disease. This infection is associated with a change in the natural vaginal bacteria balance, say the doctors. – The vagina is not sterile – it contains many different bacteria. According to the number of bacteria, the vagina goes down only by the intestine. But the key here is the balance of different bacteria. When it changes, from acidic to alkaline, problems begin.

One of three women afflict this disease, and about 50 percent of all women are affected by it. Despite such an extent, women themselves do not dare to talk about it, they do self-healing, they are delayed to go to the doctor, and the disease goes on for longer.

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