10 healthy products – that can kill you

Pie and chocolate are not healthiest, but did you ever thought that we could overdose healthy food, as well? So-called natural products can also be toxic and contain dangerous carcinogenic substances that are not enough to wash.

Have you ever thought that a beautiful apple could be a source of poison? One or a few – of course not, but you should not eat apple seeds. Tea from fresh tomatoes, potato leaflets or twigs is also a harmful drink.


Various nutritionally-used plants are “harassed” by oxalates, glycolic alcohols, carcinogens, mycotoxins, nitrates, nitrosamines, and other toxic compounds. In each case, the harm caused by the substance depends on the taken quantities.

Although many vegetarians or vegans tend to associate products of animal origin with diseases, and vegetables on the other side – Healthy food nutrition – to longevity, and wellbeing, but are the latter are so “healthy” for our body.

While visiting an exotic country, you decide to eat a fresh almond or nutmeg; you should not do it. Freshness can also be a source of poison. For the consumer’s safety, many products are industrially processed.

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