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How to gain muscle mass or Best products for sportsmen

Want to find out what athletes mean by “healthy eating”? How to gain weight or grow more muscle than fat? Then, with this list, go to the nearest store – you’ll find everything you need!

1. Curds


One of top the best products for those who want to gain muscle mass. 100 g of curd cheese contains up to 22 g of protein. Also, the curd is also valuable due to its combination of “fast” and “slow” proteins.

8 Symptoms of early stage Alzheimers

‍The progression of Alzheimer’s illness leads to the gradual disappearance of brain cells, memory loss, and thinking abilities. Even the acknowledged world political authorities, Ronald Reagan or Margaret Thatcher, did not succeed in avoiding this.

What to do in order not to burden our relatives in old age – how to detect Alzheimer’s disease symptoms in early stage.

Eight signs of Alzheimer’s disease symptoms that should not be ignored:

1. Memory problems – early stage Alzheimer’s symptoms


Every one of us encounters memory impairment from time to time. A healthy person experiences memory impairment when trying to remember the insignificant details of the meeting, but Alzheimer’s memory impairment impedes them in their daily lives. They often overlook recent information, ask the same questions over and over again. They may even face difficulties without remembering important dates, numbers or places they are well acquainted.

7 Daily products which using regularly will reduce High blood pressure

The proper nutrition can reduce Hypertension: pomegranate juice, spinach leaves, and some other products help to do this.

1. 100% Pomegranate Juice


Hundred percent pomegranate juice is also called one of the healthiest juices in the world. Using regularly, help to keeps stable blood pressure, various studies confirm it.

It is worth to point out – if you want foods to reduce blood pressure, they should be eaten for a long time and on a regular basis.

It will not be like that: the pressure will drop [once] by pouring pomegranate juice. You have to use these products for a more extended period. They must become a part of daily nutrition.

7 Products that help to normalize sugar level in the blood

Diabetes is an endocrine problem caused by carbohydrate metabolism disorders that affect glucose level in the blood. You can get diabetes if you use a lot of carbohydrate food. The symptoms of diabetes are quite clear: weakness, fatigue, thirst, increased urination, itchy skin. Usually, a blood test can accurately show, if blood glucose levels are higher than they should be.


For those who have diabetes mellitus, there is a need for a special diet; proper nutrition helps to maintain blood glucose levels in optimal conditions and to feel well.

The question arises, is that no carbohydrate diet – possible? The carbohydrates are indispensable from a diet, but it must be good carbs, also called long-acting carbohydrates. A compulsory and well-balanced diet makes you feel good.

Here are seven food groups that will help you adjust your blood sugar levels:

1. Raw, stewed, or fried vegetables


You can choose vegetables according to color – do not forget that the more colorful the food, the more it keeps you motivated. Choose your taste, low-carbohydrate vegetables like onions, eggplants, tomatoes, Brussels sprouts, pumpkins, zucchini. These vegetables can be a great side dish.

A disease that affects half of all women – no one talks about

Wet wipes, flavored soaps or shower gel and synthetic lingerie can cause a disease that affects half of all women, but not everyone is trying to talk about it – vaginosis or BV. What causes, how to prevent, treatment


Bacterial vaginosis or BV (vaginal dysbacteriosis) is not a sexually transmitted disease. This infection is associated with a change in the natural vaginal bacteria balance, say the doctors. – The vagina is not sterile – it contains many different bacteria. According to the number of bacteria, the vagina goes down only by the intestine. But the key here is the balance of different bacteria. When it changes, from acidic to alkaline, problems begin.

One of three women afflict this disease, and about 50 percent of all women are affected by it. Despite such an extent, women themselves do not dare to talk about it, they do self-healing, they are delayed to go to the doctor, and the disease goes on for longer.

Top 20 products to boost Metabolism

The metabolism – the speed at which our bodies burn calories – affects our weight and helps maintain body shape. The good news is that accelerating metabolism is also possible in lighter ways than intensive workouts and strict diets. Food that burns fat is a myth. Foods that help to accelerate metabolism, eliminate excess fluid from the body, and regulate digestive processes is what you should look. Create your diet plan by incorporating these products; it helps boost metabolism.


14 symptoms women ignore – cancer prevention

Often, people do not notice daily symptoms that alert you of a life threatening illness. Medics advise you to monitor body changes because the first signs of an unobservant eye can help curb a severe disease.

1. Changes in the oral cavity


The appearance of white droplets in the oral cavity or on the lips, especially if you smoke, can alert you to oral cancer.

Timelapse: What happens when you drink a can of Coca-cola

Do you wonder what happens when a person drinks a can of cola? Spoons of sugar enter the body; blood pressure rises, pupils grow.

In the first 10 minutes:


Ten teaspoons of sugar are injected into the organism (recommended daily rate); It does not taste too sweet because it is reduced by phosphoric acid.

10 healthy products – that can kill you

Pie and chocolate are not healthiest, but did you ever thought that we could overdose healthy food, as well? So-called natural products can also be toxic and contain dangerous carcinogenic substances that are not enough to wash.

Have you ever thought that a beautiful apple could be a source of poison? One or a few – of course not, but you should not eat apple seeds. Tea from fresh tomatoes, potato leaflets or twigs is also a harmful drink.


Various nutritionally-used plants are “harassed” by oxalates, glycolic alcohols, carcinogens, mycotoxins, nitrates, nitrosamines, and other toxic compounds. In each case, the harm caused by the substance depends on the taken quantities.

Although many vegetarians or vegans tend to associate products of animal origin with diseases, and vegetables on the other side – Healthy food nutrition – to longevity, and wellbeing, but are the latter are so “healthy” for our body.

While visiting an exotic country, you decide to eat a fresh almond or nutmeg; you should not do it. Freshness can also be a source of poison. For the consumer’s safety, many products are industrially processed.

10 nutrition rules with aging: over 60

With aging, people decide that it is time to relax and start eating what they like finally. Life is so short – when will we enjoy it? So no more counting calories or keeping on diets, they declare a boycott for the rules of healthy eating.


And, it turns out, they are doing wrong. Even, diet for older people has its nuances. They need to be aware to live a long time and stay healthy. We all know the basic principles of healthy eating: eat the least amount of cooked food and flour dishes, reduce the amount of “fast” carbohydrates, and be sure to get the protein you need for the body on a daily basis. However, seniors should pay attention to other aspects as well. These are the dietary recommendations for people over 60 recommended by experts.